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Hand Engraving Apprentice - UK Tiffany Service Centre (Dartford)

Country : United Kingdom United Kingdom

Region : London

County : Greater London


Category : Design

Contract type : Permanent

Availability : Full time

Job description


The apprentice hand engraver is responsible for developing their skills and craftsmanship to achieve Tiffany & Co. hand engraving quality and productivity standards. The apprentice works closely with a master engraver, staff engravers and management to learn the techniques of hand engraving including: workshop set-up and safety; tools and equipment; layout; cuts and shading; and engraving letters, numbers and simple symbols and images. The apprentice is expected to achieve milestones appropriate to their training and experience throughout the program and to develop into a Tiffany & Co. staff engraver.


  • Learn the techniques of hand engraving by working with a master engraver. The master engraver uses explanation, demonstration and assessment to deliver information to the apprentice. The apprentice is responsible for seeking clarification when necessary, practicing techniques and incorporating feedback into their work.
  • Actively participate in milestone meetings with the master engraver and management. The apprentice receives and provides feedback on the program and their progress within it, working to identify and remove obstacles to success.
  • Work safely at all times. The apprentice is responsible for understanding and following all safety guidelines including, personal protective equipment, ergonomics, machine guarding and hazardous materials
Required Qualifications/Primary Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Successful completion of a manual dexterity assessment
  • Successful completion of a penmanship assessment
Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in jewelry or related crafts
  • Experience in graphic design
  • Experience in a metal shop (smithing, welding, cutting metals)
  • Experience in a machine shop (drilling, milling, etc,)